Agile Leadership is an ongoing journey of self exploration on new mindset & behaviors and practicising it to embed them as habits Agile Leadership Journey Connect with us


Globalization, automation, regulation, and 24×7 mobility have drastically changed the landscape of our work and life. Leaders can no longer depend on their past patterns of success to operate effectively in this landscape. Agile Leadership is effective leadership in highly complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments. Agile Scaling Frameworks have become the goto solution for leaders globally, but are falling short in delivering expected outcomes. This is because none of the frameworks adequately address the mindset and behavior of the leader and their role in shaping the structures and culture to enable agile practices and teams to thrive and grow. The Agile Leadership Journey™ provides education, direction and coaching for leaders to personally navigate their own path toward improved leadership effectiveness and improving the effectiveness of their organizations.

Learning Programs

Learn research based intuitive good practices on product life cycle management (Dummy)

ALJ Certified Aware Leader

The Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader Badge represents that the participant has completed the leader and organizational learning objectives.

ALJ Certified Practice Leader

The Agile leadership Journey Practice Leader Badge represents that the participant has completed either the practice leader learning objectives.

Agile Leadership Inspired Awareness Workshops run 1 to 2 day onsite engagements or 1-4 week online engagements to create insight and inspiration for leaders to increase their own self-awareness improve their capacity and situational agility.

Aligns to Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Program. CAL-E: Leadership Essentials, CAL-O: Organizational Agility

Agile Leadership Guided Practice Programs run 6-months online for leaders to practice at-work to build leadership competency. All sessions are coach-guided and are run remotely online in small cohort teams.

Aligns to the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) 2 Program.

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Learn research based intuitive good practices on product life cycle management


Agile organizations require agile leaders because organizational culture and systems shadow their leaders mindsets and behaviors. So if you are interested in scaling agile ways of working in your organization, you must first scale your agile leadership competency

It is a myth that people enter the work-world at a similar level of maturity and only require new skills and competences to grow their capability as a leader. The reality is that maturity continues to develop (or not) through work-life and a leader’s success at one position is often not adequate to succeed in the next.

All leaders progress through developmental stages, but not at the same pace and sometimes not at all. Leaders often begin their journey as an expert in a particular discipline or domain. Some of those leaders develop cross-discipline capability and begin orchestrating others to accomplish goals. Less than 10% of leaders develop the highly collaborative and transformative behaviors required to shape the culture and system for adaptability and resiliency. This program is about developing the next 10% to improve business in the 21st century.

Expert Leadership is focused, hands-on and personally engaged to help solve complicated problems, make tactical organizational improvements, and direct the work of others.

Achiever Leadership aligns and influences people across boundaries toward a clear strategic goals to lead process change, improve team performance, and achieve business results.

Catalyst Leadership shares an organizational vision and develops high participation and empowered teams to co-create, lead transformative  change, and grow organizational capacity.


Agile Leadership is not an end-state that can be reached, it is a growth mindset with increasing awareness, adaptiveness and effectiveness. As a leader develops agility, they increase their flexibility to situationally adapt in complex environments. In essence, they see a broader landscape and have more choices available to make more informed decisions and take more appropriate actions

Expert and Achiever leaders center thinking and behaviors on knowing a right way forward and either doing it themself or aligning others to accomplish it. Catalyst leaders center their thinking and behaviors on knowing the way forward is complex and their past experiences may not be the best guide. This increased awareness, combined with the courage and vulnerability to not be right, opens up others to engage and collaborate towards a way forward.