Why attend AI-ML?

AI has the potential to add US$957 billion to India’s economy in 2035

AI-ML market in India will grow at a CAGR of above

:By Accenture report

Our AI-ML Learning Solutions

Artificial intelligence

Deep Learning

Machine Learning


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Python Fundamentals

Overview of the Python language, libraries, scripts, Jupyter-based lab environment, build understanding on data and analytics with Python

Machine Learning Basics

Learn machine learning including supervised and unsupervised methods,  modeling techniques, building artificial intelligence in the system

Deep Learning

Learn deep learning with Tensor Flow and Keras, build artificial neural networks and traverse layers of data abstraction

Advanced Deep Learning

Advance your deep learning skills with real applications of computer vision, generative-adversarial networks (GANs), distributed parallel computing with GPUs  and deployment of deep learning models on cloud.

Natural Language

Understand the concepts of NLP, feature engineering, natural language generation, automated speech recognition, speech to text conversion, text to speech conversion, voice-assistance devices and building conversational interfaces.

Tools & Languages