Posted by Maninder Bawa | 30 September 2020
Full Stack Developers Demand in India: Hottest Profession of 2020

What is Full Stack Development? One of the most talked-about roles, Full Stack Development, is the manner of creating, building, and designing a product through all the engineering stages and layers by a single person. The engineer here who accomplishes this arduous task of including all efficiency layers into one is known as the jack-of-all-trades,...

Posted by Maninder Bawa | 06 October 2020

Is your organization culture au fait with 'Fail Fast'? Microsoft launched a Twitter bot ‘Tay’ to experiment with how AI communicates with humans in real world, real time situations. Things took a vicious turn, though, when hackers caused ‘Tay’ to begin spewing racist and profane messages. The Result? ‘Tay’ was shut down in just 16...