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Why Cyber Security

The Indian cybersecurity services industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 20-22% from FY2017-FY2025

India witnessed the second-highest number of cyberattacks in the world between 2016 and 2018

It is interesting to note that more than 35% companies are re-skilling half of their security workforce

: By McKinsey & Nasscom report

Our Cyber Security Learning Solutions

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Application Security

Web Security

Network Security

Cloud Security

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Learn research based intuitive good practices on product life cycle management (Dummy)

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Learn research based intuitive good practices on product life cycle management (Dummy)

Cyber threats and Cyber
security policy

Introduction to cyber security, cyber challenges & constraints, cyber crimes, cyber warfare, cyber espionage, common terminologies and need for a cyber security framework, metrics & KPIs, people, practices & tools

Cyber security
vulnerabilities and

Vulnerabilities in software, internet, network architecture and cloud infrastructure. Access controls, audits, authentication, cryptography, deception, DoS, Filters, Firewalls, Ethical hacking, Intrusion detection systems, threat management

Intrusion Detection and

Physical Theft, Abuse of Privileges, Unauthorized Access, Malware infection, Anti-Malware software, Intrusion prevention systems, Session analysis, System Integrity Validation, PKI services, managed detection systems, SIEM solutions

Securing Web applications,
Services and Servers

Security for HTTP applications, Security for SOAP Services, Identity Management and Web Services, Authorization Patterns, Security Considerations, Penetration testing, Secure coding practices and tools, web vulnerabilities scanning tools

Cryptography and Network

Symmetric key Cryptography, Asymmetric key Cryptography, Message Authentication, Digital Signatures, Types of Firewalls, User Management, VPN Security Security Protocols, PGP and S/MIME, SSL and TLS, IPSec, Security Operations Centre, network monitoring tools

Cyber Forensics

Handling Preliminary Investigations, Conducting disk-based analysis, Investigating Information-hiding, Scrutinizing E-mail, Validating E-mail header information, Tracing Internet access, Tracing memory in real-time