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Why learn with us?

We at IA Labs recognize the competitive landscape and bring the unique value proposition of the product/service that we offer. With our dedicated mentors and architects, we provide technical leadership to help individuals learn, grow and explore by understanding the competencies required by the IT organization. Our experiential learning methodology helps IT organizations grow their professionals from junior engineers to technical leaders.

Why IA Lab succeeds

With years of learning delivery experience, we have created a structured pedagogy to augment
your learning challenges and help you succeed in your business goals.

Outcome & mentor driven learning

Led by practitioners and architects

Customized learning

Target problem

Capstone projects for hands on experience

AI driven reporting and assessments

Our learning solutions and their benefits

New Hire Learning for fresh engineering graduates

Transform fresh engineering graduates into professional that are day 1 project ready. With successfully completing our new hire program, the graduates will be able to:

Build web applications by combining programming language and various advanced tools

Build & test web application to showcase on-the-job capability

Lateral Hire Learning for talent with experience

The last 5 years has seen a significant change in the way IT organizations are having to position small agile teams of problem-solvers rather than the large teams that were deployed earlier.
The ability to build end to end full stack web application by being multi-skilled is a clear expectation that IA Labs works on.

Continuous Skilling of existing talent with experience

The year 2020 has seen IT organizations continue to up-skill and re-tool their existing talent force to ensure better absorption of their developers from the re-deployment pool or bench at the end of the project assignment. The standard bench period is best utilized to develop project ready modern full stack application development skills that significantly increases the billing rate of these professionals.

Our virtual learning model specifically designed for these professionals ensures continuity of business along with up-skilling on the full stack or any other program at IA Labs.