Customized talent solutions to cater to your specific business needs.  Our Talent Solutions Connect with us

Why hire from us?

We spend time understanding your business needs to identify the right fit talent.

Each resource hired from us is technically certified and ready for project deployment on day 1.

Trained by the best in the industry through practitioner & mentor led learning pedagogy.

Using ensuring real-world capstone projects, we ensure our talent understand your real-business challenges

We at IA Labs recognize the competitive landscape and bring the unique value proposition of the product/service that we offer. With our dedicated mentors and architects, we provide technical leadership to help individuals learn, grow and explore by understanding the competencies required by the IT organization. Our experiential learning methodology helps IT organizations grow their professionals from junior engineers to technical leaders.

What are our talent solutions and how do
they benefit you?

Learn research based intuitive good practices on product life cycle management

Source – Train – Certify – Hire

We source graduates with hunger to learn, perform and deliver from the best educational institutes through online and offline recruitment events.  This is done basis the discussions with our customer’s requirements. We use the best mentors, architects and practitioners to deliver the best learning solutions to ensure seamless upskilling. With successfully completing & certifying our new hire program, the graduates are deployed with the customer for a period of 30 days before they can be formally hired through us. We give this time period for both the employee and the employer to warm up before it’s time to hit the road!

Source – Train – Certify – Contract

This service gives our customers the opportunity to assess the performance of the graduate and determine suitability for the position in the organization before making a hiring commitment. While the sourcing, training and certification process remains the same, we contract the resource for an agreed time period before they can be absorbed in the customer’s organization. The customers also have the option to continue with the contact and not absorb the graduates as permanent members of their team.

Startup – Corporate

The core ecosystem of IA Labs brings this unique solution to the corporates that ensures the talent we source and train comes with experience is working with start ups. These graduates have spent anywhere from 3 to 12 months in being a vital part of the startup ecosystem thereby giving them an edge over other experiences graduates. Our customer testimonials suggest that the entrepreneur through process acquired during working with in the startup ecosystem has immensely benefited project execution.

Our virtual sourcing engine ensures deep collaboration with the best educational institutes delivering topnotch talent combined with deep learning delivered by the best mentors and practitioners to meet your business needs.