Late stage Legal tech startup hires ready to deploy full stack fresh graduate engineering talent - better, faster & cheaper with IA Lab's unique source-train-certify-contract model

Problem Statement

This legal tech startup required 10 fresh graduate engineers with MERN full stack skills deployable on day 1. Requirement became even more demanding when the lead time of 3 months was given. Know how on MERN full stack engineering skills was mandatory to join their technology team.

Sourcing quality talent is expensive & learning
takes time

Hiring fresh graduate engineering talent requires investment of both time and cost with startups. This becomes even more challenging where the ask is to upskill them on MERN full stack skills with limited resources at your disposal.  A recent employability report has found that over 80 percent of engineers in India are unemployable as they lack the technological skills required by employers now. Given this background, the costs in sourcing & learning may not be sustainable for many organizations more so for startups.

Ready to Contract Fresh Engineering Talent 

Legal tech startup adopted IA Lab’s innovative talent solution – source, train, certify and contract model.  Our sourcing pipeline taps into engineering talent of more than 60+ engineering colleges & pick them with unique assessment model which scouts for talent with strong language and problem-solving skills.   Structured pedagogy with customized learning paths as per needs followed by capstone projects on Cloud Lab ensures full stack skills to these fresh engineers to join product development. They were able to clear customer’s hackathon based interviews with ease and were deployed on projects from day 1 thereby making them revenue-generating.  What more can you ask where there is replacement guaranteed within one month time frame.

Better, Faster and Cheaper

Experiential immersive bootcamp

Customized learning path to become full stack engineer

Outcome driven, full time remote and/or in person to accelerate skilling

Mentoring driven with option of self paced videos

Hands-on learning by doing on capstone projects driven by cloud lab

AI based assessment & reporting

Quantitative Benefits

Reduced hiring costs

Increased billing rate

Reduced bench cost

Qualitative Benefits:

Increased customer delight

Day 1 Production Ready

Reduced attrition

Slide What Our Customers are saying Founder- myhut We have  mandated full  stack certification  for  all  fresh engineering new hires joining our organization. Our recruitment and fulfillment teams are doing a very good job to ensure our business needs are met. We rely on IA Lab's disruptive and innovative talent solution using source, train, certify, hire model What Our Customers are saying Kumar V.Reddy

What Our Participants
are saying

Help us Improve our

IA Lab’s full stack engineer learning program helped me in understanding the depth of hands-on learning by using capstone projects. I learnt a lot during the program from my MERN stack, cloud and devops mentors.

Kumar V.Reddy

Founder- myhut

Manage project much easier now
with the help of team IALabs

There learning solutions are interactive and useful specifically the experiment, test and learn on Cloud Lab. It did help me a lot when I started actively working on live projects. I strongly recommend this  program to my friends.

Kumar V.Reddy

Founder- myhut