Digital Product teams of a Retail giant improve business agility with
IA Lab's proven agile and devops transformation approach

Busines Need

Product technology teams at the retail giant required 2-3 months to build new infrastructure and roll-out environments with the assistance of the IT infrastructure & admin teams. Most of the functional releases for their customers took 3-4 months+.

Driving change is hard & making it self sustainable even harder

Product technology teams had a typical team size of more than 20 members. Business goals were unclear, delivery pressure was high and morale of the team was low. Silo’ed approach between product and infrastructure teams. Confidence with business low. Few limited interventions with implementing scrum and devops were undertaken with little or no benefit.

Drive Business Agility with Lean-Agile & DevOps coaching

Product technology teams looked at IA Labs Agile & DevOps transformation approach to drive business agility.  Our Agile & DevOps coaches undertook vision of the organization to drive change, assessment of the current state and the  co-created transformation model to drive towards the future state with markers at regular intervals to measure the success. Our unique Agile Dojos and Coding Katas were implemented with a focussed intervention lasting for 30 day period with a sprint length measuring 2.5 days. Overall, it improved ways of working and ways of thinking across all facets of the organization structure – leadership, middle management and product teams, business, product and infrastructure teams.

Better Outcomes 

Improved feature based cross functional team structure

Mix of business, product technology & infrastructure team members (size < 9 members)

30 days focussed Agile Dojos and Coding Katas workshop with sprint length of 2.5 days

Automated infrastructure provisioning & deployments using Docker & Chef

Continuous integration & testing using Jenkins, Sonar, Selenium and SOAPUI

Implementation of good practices on Distributed Agile

Improved adoption of product management practices

Quantitative Benefits

Reduced cycle time (concept to cash) from 4+ months to < 4 weeks

Increased predictability from 50+% to 90+%

Improved velocity (story points) by 40%

Qualitative Benefits:

Improved team happiness

Improved customer delight

Slide What Our Customers are saying Founder- myhut We have  mandated full  stack certification  for  all  fresh engineering new hires joining our organization. Our recruitment and fulfillment teams are doing a very good job to ensure our business needs are met. We rely on IA Lab's disruptive and innovative talent solution using source, train, certify, hire model What Our Customers are saying Kumar V.Reddy

What Our Participants
are saying

Help us Improve our

IA Lab’s coaches helped us in understanding the why for business agility. We learnt a lot during the coaching intervention as part of agile dojos and coding katas

Kumar V.Reddy

Founder- myhut

Manage project much easier now
with the help of team IALabs

It is complete hands-on learning labs based approach which is tailor made based on the business needs of the team .It helped us a lot to improve our ways of working.

Kumar V.Reddy

Founder- myhut